Whether buying second hand car a good idea?

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Most of us long to have a car, the first thought to raise when we think about buying a car for first time will be the idea of buying a used second hand car. Definitely the thought of buying second hand car is not a wrong idea. But, there are several factors that might go wrong when we plan to buy a used car. Most of us are not automobile or mechanical engineers to know about the perfect condition of a car. Obvious thing about a used car is the amount of wear and tear the particular vehicle has gone through. The moment you buy a used car, you are already into half the chances of mechanical as well as physical damages.

How you can reduce the risk factors in buying a second hand car?

Frankly, answer to this question will be a BIG NO. Still, few safest ways are to avoid the second hand car dealers importantly. It is always better to interact with the actual owner of the car directly. In most cases, owner to owner transactions have transparency and truth. Whereas car dealers just think about closing the sale. Even if the vehicle has faults, they try only to hide the faults and complete the sale. Whereas, in a owner to owner transaction, out of humanity most of the owners might reveal atleast the major faults with breaks, chasis and suspensions. It would be always better this way.

Never trust a mechanic to accompany for car selection. He might only try to convince to buy the car to take his part of commission for helping with car selection. To speak the fact, mechanics may easily go hand in hand with dealers, so, NEVER TRUST MECHANIC. Unless he is a close acquaintance.

Car is a most dangerous machine which we trust to move on the roads. A car can be a blessing as well as a curse, depends how the condition is. The fair point to say would be, it is always better to go with a new car with proper warranty and guarantee. There are several new cars in market starting from affordable base prices as less as 2.5 lakhs(Tata Nano). Better to go with a Nano or Alto instead of buying a higher model second hand car at the same price risking the safety.

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